PDS API RelatedPerson.identifier uses incorrect system for NHS Number

We are testing use of PDS API to retrieve RelatedPerson resources from the INT environment. For example: GET https://int.api.service.nhs.uk/personal-demographics/FHIR/R4/Patient/9449305889/RelatedPerson

As expected, this returns a Bundle containing a RelatedPerson resource. However, the referenced patient uses an incorrect identifier system for NHS Number:

  "patient": {
    "identifier": {
      "system": "https://beta.api.digital.nhs.uk",
      "value": "9651181834"
    "reference": "https://beta.api.digital.nhs.uk/Patient/9651181834",
    "type": "Patient"

The identifier.system should be https://fhir.nhs.uk/Id/nhs-number.

This was reported and acknowledged as a fault more than 6 months ago.

Do you have an update on if/when it will be resolved?

The “reference” entry is not necessary. The NHS Number is in the url and the identifier section should suffice. This would be consistent with other API’s on the platform.

NHS API Management team let me know that this fault has been added to the backlog as ticket SPINEDEM-1026 but it’s not expected to be resolved in the immediate future.