Nominated Pharmacy Change

Is there a service that can be integrated with for Nominated Pharmacy Changes? Specifically to be alerted if a specific pharmacy has been nominated or un-nominated?

I can see that a call can be made to Personal Demographics Service - FHIR API to check for a specific person. The PDS Notifications FHIR API doesn’t seem to have an event for a change of nomination though.

Hi Martyn,

This type of functionality is not designed into any service provided by NHS England.

The patients’ decision to change a nomination to or away from a pharmacy should be based on a direct care/legitimate relationship. From a patient and clinical perspective, I cannot conceive of a situation when a patient’s decision to move their nomination away from a pharmacy should be communicated back to said pharmacy.

If such functionality were to be provided, there is the possibility that the information provided could be utilised in an anti-competitive manner, and potentially go against the wishes of the patients’ changing their nomination.

If there are current concerns around the nomination process being incorrectly implemented, then there are channels for such concerns to be raised with NHS England.

KR Darren