MESH Documents to GPs and response back

Hi all,

I was wondering if somebody could advise on MESH – sending letters to GPs in particular TPP, SystmOne.
We’ve developed a solution to send the documents via the MESH client using CTL and DAT files. The DAT file is Kettering Style XML. The documents are sent to GPs perfectly fine – I even have a method to log the DTS ID, sent date and time. However as a test I wanted the GP to reject the document, they did so and TPP SystmOne should send a rejection message via MESH back to the sender, however this is not happening. I can only assume the TPP Hub is not able to get the message sender.

Having read the kettering style XML document and it says below

“For < MsgSender> The suggested value is NACS code or local ID code or DTS name of sender.
For The suggested value is the NACS code, local ID or DTS name of sender of the recipient practice”

I am sending our Mailbox ID in the sender and the recipient has the practice code but no rejection messages are received. I even changed the recipient to the TPP Mailbox ID, but still no joy. Can somebody advise on whether TPP require the NACS Code and if yes, how do I get one?

Many Thanks

Hi Pinkesh,

Many thanks for your query. MESH itself uses the data that you set in the CTL file - for addressing, that’s the From_DTS and To_DTS each set to your mailbox ID and the recipient’s mailbox ID respectively. You say that is working perfectly fine in the valid scenario, so you are setting those values correctly.

MESH doesn’t read the data within the DAT file - it just passes it on. Unfortunately, the MESH team don’t have visibility of how TPP process the Kettering XML file or how they internally track where to send rejection messages to. In order for the rejection message to be sent to you via MESH, they will need to address it to your mailbox ID.

Please can you contact TPP to see if they are able to help? For this interaction, I would expect they would find the following useful: your mailbox id, the workflow id (WorkflowId you set in the CTL file) and example MESH message ids (DTSId in the sent CTL file) that you expected rejections for.

I hope that helps. Please reply if you have any further questions.

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We have this exact same problem, and it the same with EMIS. The GP suppliers have said that no acknowledgements are sent back. That said we do see the odd “Patient not known here” response but its in the minority of responses, so it is possible. This is a restriction on us sending letters outside our ‘patch’.