Issue with Triage Service Status in Referral Creation and Change Shortlist service

We’re encountering an issue with the Triage Service Status during referral creation.
After utilizing the A011 - Create referral API in the Triage Service, the status returned is “NOT_BOOKED” instead of the expected “AWAITING_TRIAGE” status, as observed in the Professional App. Before we were using A021 - Create referral and send for triage API it is now deprecated.

Additionally, when creating a referral with multiple services, including one requiring triage service, the status remains “NOT_BOOKED” even after removing directly bookable services using the A031 - Change shortlist API. We anticipate the status to reflect “AWAITING_TRIAGE,” as per the Professional App’s behavior. Before we were using the A032 - Change shortlist and send for triage API it is now deprecated.

Hi @supplier,

Please take time to read the migration guide:

Here is an extract from the guide explaining the change:

API partners should migrate their functionality to make use of:

Note that creating a referral and sending it for triage is now a 2-step process that requires the use of A011 and A016.

The migration guide includes a worked example to guide you through the changes.



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