Is the OAS document for the EPS API correct?

I’m trying to use codegen to generate C# classes to interact with the EPS API.

I’ve tried both Swagger Codegen and NSwag, and neither tool produces the correct output. The schema doesn’t seem to match the example given.

For the prepare endpoint, the spec shows that the FHIR bundle’s “entry” property is an array that can only contain “oneOf” the list of possible objects:

  type: array
  description: A collection of resources contained within the Bundle.
	- type: object
	  description: MedicationRequest

but the example shows a request with many different types in here. Wouldn’t “anyOf” be correct here?

EPS adheres to the FHIR R4 schema. It can be downloaded from Downloads - FHIR v4.0.1

You can find specific language links towards the bottom of that page.

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