How do I access the PDS SMSP API Error/Warning codes?

We have had the following query raised via email:
We are currently looking to migrate away from the PDS SMSP API to the PDS FHIR API, but are unable to see the error codes as the link below is returning a 500 error.

Can you please advise if this can be resolved or if there is another page to view the codes returned?

The SMSP API is now deprecated, so suppliers are now required to migrate to PDS FHIR API, which Advance is already doing.

If they are wishing to see the status codes for the PDS FHIR instead, they can use this link: Reference guide - NHS Digital

The URI mentioned unfortunately doesn’t resolve, but more information on PDS FHIR error codes can be found here: NHS England FHIR Implementation Guide | SpineErrorOrWarningCode - SIMPLIFIER.NET


Thanks for reviewing and clarifying Chris! Much appreciated

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