Switching from SMSP PDS to FHIR - what is the accreditation path


I have clients who wish to transition from the SMSP PDS interface to the FHIR PDS interface. They have PDS Access Forms and TOMs approved and I wonder whether there is an accreditation path for them that doesn’t involve starting at the beginning again with drawing up a SCAL.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Paul

Please let me refer you to our website which details how to migrate to PDS FHIR from SMSP PDS.

Migrating from the PDS SMSP API to the PDS FHIR API - NHS Digital

If you feel a kick off call to talk you through this would be beneficial, please do not hesitate to get in touch at our mailbox api.management@nhs.net and we shall get this arranged.

Many thanks

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Hi Bel,

Brilliant - that page just about covers every question I could possibly have, so thanks for that. Who is the current dedicated lead for the migration activity please?



That’s good to hear Paul and the dedicated lead would be me :grinning: