GP Connect Send document use case: Guidance needed for sending ITK3 FHIR xml messages to INT Test harness mailbox id(ods code:E87021)

Hi Everyone,

I am posting this message to read by all consumer’s of NHS digital API team and GP COnnect team as well.
I am recently going to integrate with GP Connect Send document use case where I need to send ITK3 FHIR xml messages.
So as a part of this, i am instructed to firrst gain ITK3 sender assurance certificate to send few ITK3 FHIR xml messages over their target INT test harness system from where I should get validation reports.
But to acheieve this, I need to send multiple test messages to them. and we also have one interna; API that intergrates with MESH API to send messages to target ods code.
For the same, I have also set my mailbox id as instructed by Gp COnnect team,
Now My query is for the ask that “You need to send ITK3 message from the mailbox i have setup to int test harness" and I will get reports

To all consumers who have already started this process, COuld you please help me technically and guide me how to achieve this ?

Hi @chauhangaurav

Thanks for reaching out to us!

I have notified the GP Connect team of your query and I hope to have a response for you shortly.

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What kind of provider are working for?

There are three different ways of sending documents to GP systems and which one to use depends on provider type.

We found we couldn’t use Send Document or Transfer of Care, so we chose a different methods.

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your reply.

actually we are third party vendor software who is going to consume GP Connect Send Document to send our generic document e.g. referral form by GP to other systems.

We are commissioned by both primary and secondary care providers.

Hi All,

I am requesting to all consumers(if any) going to consume GP Connect Send document or support team , I need to understand as a prerequisite activity mentioned by GP COnnect team to gain ITK3 sender assurance certificate , I need to execute the following scenarios and get corresponding response codes from their INT test harness.
But May I know how to build corresponding FHIR xml messages to produce different type of response/error codes ?

This might be a very basic question as I am confused with this.
Kindly guide.

Hi Gaurav - all the information for the structure of the ITK3 messages can be found in the specification here: Introduction to ITK3 Messaging Distribution | ITK3 Messaging Distribution as well as further info here: Send Payload Message Definition.

So Basically, I need to put entire SendPayload-MessageDefinition-1 xml message under the ITK3 Message distribution Bundle which contains the Headers info as well. Am I right?

But what changes do I need to do in xml message to reproduce different types of response codes? That’s where I am mainly confused.

e.g.: I have just put the following sample xml message , In return from teh MESH i got Bundle resource xml message which has operation outcome with success code: 20013.
But it seems this sample xml message does not have a payload, which I need to populate? And what different type of invalid values and to which parameters I need to provide to get different types of response code like 10001,10002, 10003 etc.
Input xml:
I used xml defined in this link: Bundle Examples

Only GP systems are consumers of this as far as I know.

If you want to send documents between providers, the underlying MESH system may be of use.

I don’t believe their is a national system for this such as HL7 v2 MDM_T02, IHE.ITI.MHD\2:3.105 Simplified Publish [ITI-105] - FHIR v4.0.1 (this is FHIR R4), etc.

Hi Kevin,

it would be between GP to GP System only where one GP System launches our tool (with help of other third party integration) and send the copy of referral form to another Gp from our tool by using GP Connect Send document. This is basically our use case.

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Can anyone please explain me what is the difference between ITK3 Message Distribution Bundle xml and Send Paylod Message Definition xml ?

As per the definition ITK3 Message Bundle contains Message Header and another Bundle consisting of Composition and resources which act as a Payload .

So as a part of GP Connect Send Document one should construct a complete ITK3 Message Bundle xml? if yes, what is the purpose of Send Message Payload xml, where does it fit in ITK3 message Bundle?

Yes you need ‘both’
The ITK3 Message Bundle contains the MessageHeader and the Header Organization resources along with the ITK Document Message Bundle. The ITK Document Message Bundle contains the Composition, Patient, Organization and Binary resources along with an optional Practitioner resource.

The MessageHeader is basically describing who sent it
The Document Bundle contains the actual information, patient, pdf document etc