Facing issue in A029 - Available actions for user list API

Hello e-RS Team,
We are currently experiencing issues with accessing API A029 - Available actions for user list, specifically when attempting to perform actions for users with roles REFERRING_CLINICIAN, REFERRING_CLINICIAN_ADMIN, and SERVICE_PROVIDER_CLINICIAN. Upon trying to execute the API calls, we are encountering a 403 Forbidden error.

Furthermore, while API calls with the role SERVICE_PROVIDER_CLINICIAN_ADMIN are returning a status code of 200, we are not receiving any available actions as expected.
We kindly request your assistance in resolving these access issues at your earliest convenience.

NHSD-eRS-On-Behalf-Of-User-ID should only be provided when the NHSD-eRS-Business-Function is SERVICE_PROVIDER_CLINICIAN_ADMIN.

What is the state of the referral you have requested available actions for? What actions were you expecting to see?

We have tried multiple UBRN like (0000 4977 4414, 0000 4977 4417, 0000 4976 3177, 0000 4977 3930) but we are getting same result “No “action” is available” for all. In which scenario we will get another response “Record Review Outcome” is available, “Cancel Referral” is available etc.


To determine if an action will be available please consult the documentation for the associated API endpoint. This is as documented in A029 - Available actions for user list.

For example.

Record Review Outcome
Will be available when the A028 - Record triage outcome is applicable.

As per the documentation this is when a:

  • referral has been sent to a triage triage service (currently via A021 or A032)
  • referral deferred into a directly bookable service because of appointment slot unavailability (via A016)

Cancel Referral
Will be available when A036 - Cancel referral is applicable.

Please carefully review the documentation.


Thankyou for responding this.
We have created lot of referral but every time when we are calling API A029 then return response is empty inside entry.
We want to see different result like : Record Review Outcome , Cancel Referral etc.
Can you please help us ,In which scenario we receive different result ?
If possible , Can we quick share screen ?

I have record my screen share at the time of calling A029 API , can you please look into it and let me know. ers-Issue-A029.mp4 - Google Drive

@nhserspartners - Could you set up a quick call with OX.DH to try and resolve these queries.

Include @adam.oldfield and myself please.

Hi @supplier,

Just looking at the video I can see you are logged into the Professional Application UI as a Referring Clinician. Therefore you have the option to “Book Appointment”.

But when you are using the API I can see in Postman the NHSD-eRS-Business-Function is set to SERVICE_PROVIDER_CLINICIAN_ADMIN. A Service Provider role will not have the option to book the appointment, only the Referring Clinician role.

If you set NHSD-eRS-Business-Function to REFERRING_CLINICIAN that will be equivalent to what you are doing in the Professional Application UI and you should get the CREATE_APPOINTMENT option from A029.

NOTE: NHSD-eRS-On-Behalf-Of-User-ID should not be set when using REFERRING_CLINICIAN.



Thank you @adam.oldfield . it’s working fine.
@zubeir.tai can you please cancel our tomorrow call.

Prashant Chourasiya

Hi @supplier

Tomorrows call has now been cancelled as requested.