eRS Retrieval of Attachments

Hi, looking for some advice and guidance.

Currently, our Electronic Patient Record (EPR) integrates with eRS through the legacy Choose and Book messaging interface. We utilise this integration to publish available appointment slots, facilitating direct bookings by patients or GPs.

We’re aware that eRS has the capability to store documents. Our goal is to seamlessly incorporate these documents into our EPR system, making them easily accessible within the patient record. This would eliminate the need for users to log in to eRS separately.

We’ve learned that the new eRS FHIR APIs can retrieve attachments associated with a referral or triage (RAS) request. So, my question is whether, despite our EPR’s current reliance on the legacy Choose and Book messaging interface, we can still use the eRS FHIR API to retrieve attachments. Or, do we need to transition our entire legacy eRS interface to the new FHIR APIs?


Hi @alan.rawlings2, would you be able to advise on our query or maybe link us in with the relevant person in the ERS team - we’ve got a few customers asking about this subject at the moment. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

@lee.meredith we maybe able to help, we are at the final stages of onboarding a new SaaS service with the FHIR API’s, including the capability to get attachments and send them into EPRs automatically. Drop me an email -

Thanks Rob, our EPR is not SaaS and I know we could use the FHIR APIs in principle, but just seeking guidance from the NHSE team as to whether a mixed economy of legacy messaging and FHIR APIs is an acceptable combination and this it doesn;t cause any issues from a SCAL/assurance perspective. @alan.rawlings2 are you able to guide or point in the right direction please.