EPS API: can I control the organising prescribing code (ie budget)?

Hi all,

What? Control which organisation prescription code is used when issuing a prescription.

Why? A GP practice is aiming to better integrate with Community Pharmacy.

  • CPCS is a established, but underutilised NHS program. Main blocker is that most consultations require a prescription and thus would bounce-back to the GP practice.


  • GP practice triages patient and refer them to CP through CPCS
  • CP pharmacist consults patient
  • CP pharmacist recommends a prescription to patient
  • GP practice approves prescription
  • EPS is issued using CP pharmacist smartcard and GP practice prescribing code

Is there any more details on this? (Business analysis, process description)

I’ve been looking at a similar workflow around a. community workflow which also involves the GP issuing or authorising the prescription.