How do I find the prescription ID for EPS?

For Retrieve a prescription How can i get PrescriptionId? Help me

Dear Arun,

Many thanks for submitting your question.

If you are a representative of a pharmacy or a GP/Prescriber then you will know the prescription ID by scanning the prescription barcode. You can also retrieve the prescription ID using the EPS Prescription Tracker service. This can be accessed either by using the application: About the EPS Prescription Tracker - NHS Digital, or the API: Electronic Prescription Service Tracker - REST API - NHS Digital. These allow you to search for a prescription either via a short form ID, available on the prescription token, or search via a patient’s NHS number and date range for the prescription.

Alternatively, prescription release requests can also be made directly to EPS using the pharmacy’s ODS code (for a nominated release). For more information on the release message including supported parameters, please see the EPS API spec: Electronic Prescription Service - FHIR API - NHS Digital

We hope that answers your question.


NHS Digital