Duplicate Adjustments

Part of the acceptance criteria for requirement RAU005 ( Add Adjustment(s) to existing Reasonable Adjustment flag record) from the Integration Requirements for Local systems document includes the following statement:

“It should be possible for the user to record duplicate adjustments.”

Is this a typo, and it should not be possible to duplicate adjustments. If duplicate adjustments are permitted, please can you share the rationale for this decision.

Hi Stuart,

This is not a typo, it is by design:

There are two ways of recording an adjustment in NCRS:

  1. Tick boxes ordered by category
  2. Type-ahead search field

Obviously, the tick boxes don’t permit duplicates because you can only tick a box once. However, the type-ahead search field will allow the user to search for, find, and select the same adjustment value more than once. In theory, an individual user could do that but the intention is to allows users from different organisations to contribute to the record. This means allowing them to add an adjustment which has already been added elsewhere but with different supporting comments.

Thank you.