Reasonable Adjustments - "Sensitive" Patients

In the Reasonable Adjustment Flag Local System Integration Requirements Specification, requirement RAR003 stipulates “It MUST not be possible for any users to view Reasonable Adjustment Flag records for patients flagged as “sensitive” on Spine”

What is the expected system behaviour here? Are supplier systems expected to prevent calls to the national service when it is known a patient is “sensitive” on the PDS? How does the national system behave when in receipt of a query for information for a patient that is marked as “sensitive” on the PDS? Does the national service return RA Flag data regardless and the expectation is the supplier system prevents display?

When a patient is marked as sensitive, any existing RA record is moved to history. Therefore, any subsequent read requests would return a “no record” response

The main purpose of the requirement in question (RAR003) is to provide an explanation to users as to why they can’t interact with the national RA service in the context of a sensitive record. Therefore, RAR003 specifies an informative message: “You cannot view or create a Reasonable Adjustment Flag record for patients flagged as “Sensitive” on Spine.”

We are happy to assess the value of the requirement to not call RA flag for s flagged citizens and would appreciate your input on this.