Digital Staff Passport integration announcements

We’ll use this topic to make announcements relevant to integrating with the Digital Staff Passport. If you’re interested, subscribe to this topic.

In the past few weeks we have released integration guidance for Digital Staff Passport.

There are three key resources:

  1. General integration guidance
  2. ‘Direct to wallet’ integration standard
  3. API standard

We’ll be iterating these resources over time. We’ll reply to this topic to announce any significant updates.

We’ve updated the Digital Staff Passport API standard as follows:

  1. Added a new ‘Get API status’ operation - this needs to be implemented by all external systems to allow our live service monitoring tools to check the health of the API
  2. Add an employee record operation - clarification that currentAddressVerified (for DBS check information) might not always be true in the future.

We’ve now updated the Digital Staff Passport API standard to include the following use cases:

  • Send a DBS check outcome from DSP to a recruitment system
  • Receive a DBS check outcome from a recruitment system to DSP