Change to the ORD and STU3 made 5th Sep

There was an update to the ORD and STU3 APIs at 2:30pm on the 5th Sept 2023. We understand some consumers have experienced some technical issues, please please assured our technical team are investigating the issues and are contacting consumers directly to help resolve them.

We will look to provide another update as soon as we have one.

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We’ve suddenly started seeing CORS errors on our JS api requests - is this likely to be related?

UPDATE: 8th September 2023 10:40am

Thanks for getting back to me, I hope that you were able to resolve the issue.

Just to let you know, we made a change to our API yesterday at 16:30 to fix a CORS issue and this may resolve your issue.

We started seeing the CORS issues on the 5th as well and the response does allude to the update being the cause.

Here’s the response we got:

There was an update to the ORD and STU3 APIs at 2:30pm on the 5th Sept 2023 and the error you are seeing is in response to an HTTP OPTIONS method being called on the API.

The OPTIONS method is not part of the API specification for the ORD an STU3 services.

If you require CORS behaviour for your use of the API then there are options available such as reverse proxying the API through your local domain.

We ended up adding a reverse proxy.

I can confirm that we made a change at 16:30 yesterday (Thursday 7th Sept.) to fix a CORS issue in the ODS API. This change was successful and should resolve CORS issues. If you get any more issues of this type, please continue to raise them with

For those of you who may be continuing to experience issues please connect with the and include within the title FAO ODS. Thank you.