ODS FHIR API question

I’m currently looking at using the ODS APi and the ODS FHIR API.

I’ve started by doing some tests in a browser.

The ODS API documentation has an example https://uat.directory.spineservices.nhs.uk/ORD/2-0-0/organisations/RJY

If I put that in a browser then I get the JSON response.

The FHIR documentation has an example https://uat.directory.spineservices.nhs.uk/STU3/Organization/RJY

This gives me a blank response.

Am I using the FHIR example incorrectly or is there something different about that API which prevents it being used from a browser and might affect how I need to implement it in code?

Sorry I can’t link to the documentation as I’m a new user so I’m limited to the number of links I can put in a post.


Thanks for raising this, there must be an issue as the ODS STU3 examples within our website documentation/OAS spec should render via a browser. I have raised an issue and it is under investigation.
In the meantime, may we suggest using tooling such as Postman to query STU3, or, I can confirm that all of the data available via STU3 is available via the ORD API (in fact, there is more data available via ORD, i.e. organisation relationship data).
Thanks, Laura

Thanks for your help.