Broken links on PDS pages

The onboarding pages for PDS have links to in many places. However, if you don’t already have a developer account, this link doesn’t resolve

In order to access you will require a developer account. You can then use your developer account to access everything you need to integrate with our APIs for testing, assurance and production purposes.

By registering for a developer account you can manage your applications and teams.

It auto-redirects if you’ve ever logged into a developer account in the current browser. But in an incognito tab or new browser, it times out.

This is because the URL on this page appears to be rather than and Chrome seems to handle it strangely (hitting return a second time, and it works, for example)

I will commit a fix asap.

:point_right: will work, as will many of our other links on our other pages, unfortunately, this one does not.

This appears to be a PDS spec issue only, but I’ll have a look to see if this occurs elsewhere.

Thanks for reporting it :slight_smile: