Assistance with A005 RAS Referral Examples in Sandbox/Integration Test Environment


I am reaching out to inquire if anyone could provide guidance on where I could find examples of Referral Assessment Services (RAS) referrals within the sandbox or integration test environment. Specifically, I am interested in A005 referrals that would, in theory, trigger a RECORD_REVIEW_OUTCOME action if A029 were executed using its Unique Booking Reference Number (UBRN).

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and support.

Hi @oli.slade -

You will have to create these. e-RS does not come pre-populated with any test referrals in the INT environment.

You can find some guidance here: Creating a referral - NHS Digital

To trigger that A029 action - create the triage (RAS) referral and attach a referral letter.

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Thanks @zubeir.tai , much appreciated. And just to double check, there is no such referral available in the Sandbox environment? In the fetch worklist A008 sandbox endpoint I notice that referral with UBRN 000000070002 has the referral type TRIAGE_DEFERRAL but on the ReferralRequest endpoint A005 000000070002 is labelled as “booked to indirectly-bookable service”

The sandbox environment has pre-canned referrals and responses for each endpoint. The UBRNs are not unique across the examples. They are just there to provide a flavour of e-RS types.

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Thanks for your help @zubeir.tai - appreciate the fast responses