A008 Retrieve referral worklist (date parameter or sorting possible)

Does anyone know how to have date range parameters when calling A008?
We have got hundreds of referrals in backlog, but I would like to tackle the latest ones first.

Hi - Unfortunately we don’t have any date filters on A008. Depending on which worklist you are retrieving, the common process is for users to work according to priority (2WW>Urgent>Routine) or use one of the date/time fields to find out the ‘latest’ one.

Hi @Super.Q

Forgot to mention; you are welcome to raise a new feature request for the programme to consider:

There is also a portal to view and comment on existing (API) requests -


Hi Zubeir,

Thanks for your reply.

It would be a very useful feature for us if it could be implemented into A008.

I have passed your suggestion form to my manager if he wants to go any further.

However, it is always our developers suffering for something having nothing to do with us, isn’t it…