What is the difference between Summary Care Record (SCR) and the International Patient Summary (IPS)?

Hi everyone,

I am keen to understand the differences between the NHS SCR and the IPS. Would anybody be able to provide some insights?

Thank you!

Good morning, If you are able to search the #tags on this community site you will find a page dedicated to scr FHIR which will provide an overview of SCR FHIR API. If not I have provided the URL below for you.

[What is Summary Care Record - FHIR API (SCR FHIR API) - Announcements - NHS England Developer Community]

(What is Summary Care Record - FHIR API (SCR FHIR API))

This describes some of the use cases for IPS within Europe Use Case Example - Gravitate Health FHIR Implementation Guide (FHIR R4) v0.1.0

The general IPS use case is similar to SCR. I don’t believe IPS sepc was followed by SCR.

Thank you both for the very quick reply.

I have been familiarising myself with SCR and the documentation available, therefore I was surprised to find many similarities in use cases for the two constructs.
They seem to rise from the same needs, so I was keen to dig into overlaps and differences.

Thank you again, I will check the links provided.