Spine integration certificate failure

We’re using Spine here at LloydsDirect to detect if a patient is nominated with us or not. We use Spine’s integration and production environments; the latter of which works still but the integration environment has since the beginning of February resulted in a certificate-related error through no recent changes we’ve made. We’d like help in diagnosing this.

FYI the error we capture:

LDAP Result Code 200 \"Network Error\": x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

How can we resolve these certificate issues: is the CA cert change something we need you to provide us with?

Hi Damien,

This forum isn’t the best place for diagnosing issues, I recommend if you haven’t already, raising an incident with our national service desk so they can assign the incident to the appropriate team for a resolution.

Telephone – 03003 035 035
Email - ssd.nationalservicedesk@nhs.net
Customer Service Portal - Customer Support (service-now.com)

Have you checked to verify your settings with ldapsearch?

If an issue, you need to add the cert to the OS trust store and this will allow you to verify as instructed above.