SCR FHIR API Onboarding - Support with Risk Register

Hi SCR Team.
I’m a CSO working my way through the 261(!) row Risk register for SCR onboarding for a product that only wants to consume not contribute to the record. 2 issues:

  1. Many of the risks are not applicable to my product
  2. The downloadable version appears to be partially pre-populated with another supplier’s information.
    It would be great to get some clear guidance now to save us all time on to-ing and fro-ing if I submit my best guesses.
    Many Thanks

Good morning Simon,

The SCR FHIR API product has only been released for create and consume by our New Market Entrant and the Technical Innovation Framework suppliers.

Unfortunately at the moment there is no onboarding service, processes or polices bound to consumer only, this will follow in due course once our NME and TIF suppliers have completed their governance and onboarding.

Thanks for the prompt response, Jonathan

Your welcome. Have a great day.