Request for open source resources

We’re always looking for new ways to make integration easier. One thing we’re exploring at the moment is open source. As per the NHS Service Standard, we make sure all our new API source code is open, which allows you to inspect, reuse and even contribute to it.

But what might be even more useful is open source API client code - either libraries or even sample clients you could use in your own API consumer code.

We do have open source resources for some of our APIs, for example MESH, but we have limited time and budget, so we’re wondering whether it would be possible to crowdsource some of these resources.

So, do you have any open source API client code you’d be willing to share? If so, let us know and we’ll see whether it might be appropriate to publish links to it.

Is that a general request?

As a supplier and in my other NHS role we make use of these open source projects:

AWS FHIR Works (typescript)

HAPI FHIR (java)

HAPI (HL7 v2) (java)


For an authorisation server (not authentication)

and also

Thanks Kevin. These are useful, and we do already have details of FHIR libraries at Our API technologies - NHS Digital. But I think we’re aiming to provide details of any open source that would specifically help people trying to consume our ,APIs, so some of the others you mention are probably out of our scope.

Just to confirm, you mean things like Evan Odell’s R library for fetching data from the CQC API? GitHub - evanodell/cqcr: Access 'Care Quality Commission' Data

Hi Simon, thanks for posting! Yes, exactly that sort of thing, with the minor wrinkle that we (NHS England) don’t actually own the CQC API. In fact I’m glad you mentioned it because we should probably add it to our API catalogue.