Receiving 500- Internal server error when retrieving referrals for review worklist via APIs

We are trying to connect the referral service by using the APIs (A008, A005, A006, A007, A013, A014, A022, and A028) to retrieve worklist. The messages are being exchanged successfully but the response contain errors (500 - Internal Server error)

This happens with all the roles.

  • Service Provider Admin
  • Service Provider Clinician
  • Service Provider Clinician Admin

We are using both ‘User Restricted’ and ‘Application Restricted’.

The Application Ids are:
User Restricted’ Application ID

Application Restricted Application ID

We initially provided our ASID that was setup under Live Trust ODS Code but then we were given a second ASID for our second app, and we were unsure which ODS code was used. Were provided with a UUID under a TEST trust which was different to our Live ODS code.

We tested by changing the ODS code of the applications to Live Trust ODS code but still the errors remain. We are not receiving any error information.
Any help would be beneficial.

Additional context, I had also made a request to change the ODS code on the application ID for App-R to the live site code, it is linked to the UUID provided.

Hi @v.jaisinghani,

I’ve looked at the logs and the application setup.

Application ID: 660c3b81-b5ed-4267-8dd2-76dfdda0d65e
This looks to be configured for Application Restricted access (not User Restricted as above).

We can see the reason for the 500 error and the @nhserspartners is going to resolve this.

Application ID: 5ee60453-d251-4f45-9541-4a62d7fcc5b5
This is configured for User Restricted (not Application Restricted as above).
This looks to be configured correctly and we can see you have recieved a HTTP 200 response.

@nhserspartners will let you know when the issue with application restricted access is resolved.



@v.jaisinghani Please retry :slight_smile:

Apologies for responding late.
The connection was successful. We were testing bits and pieces to check if all is going well.
So far all good.
thankyou for the help :slight_smile:

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