Reasonable Adjustment API Integration

Hi Simon,
Apologies for the inconvenience. I understand the sandpit is back now.

Thanks Clare - yes, I can confirm it’s working for me now.

Hi @clarecooke , with the App Restricted work to remove the need for CIS2; is there any high-level details in terms the approach which is being used to record which specific healthcare professional has added/updated/removed RA information.

I’m just thinking, when using CIS2, its clear who the user is but if CIS2 is not being used then what approach would be used instead - feels like it would be important from an audit point of view to know exactly who has updated the RA information for a patient.

Have you got any information / guidance you could share please.

Hi Lee,
We will still be expecting consumers to pass audit information (user ID, role, organisation) in the API. This information will be passed in the HTTP Header when the API is invoked in App Restricted mode. This approach has been agreed with our IOPS and APIM colleagues, we just need to get the specification updated to describe this.
Hope this helps.

Thanks Clare, just curious, where would you expect the user ID and role information to come from ? For some of our customers, they still login to our EPR using a username and password whereas some of our other customers login via CIS2. For CIS2 customers, its easy to get the user ID and role information but for those logging in with username/password, there wouldn’t be a user ID or role which makes sense outside of the local EPR.

The information would need to come from the local authentication service.

While the initial information might have indicated the business information API developmental status, there could be advancements. Look for recent updates from NHS England regarding the Reasonable Adjustment Flag API. You can check the NHS England Digital website (Reasonable Adjustment Flag - NHS England Digital) or the developer community forum mentioned in the discussion you referenced.

Hi Clare,

Also very interested in this topic and trying to establish some access for testing for write back to an EHR. I’ve emailed the address specified, thanks for the info.


Hi Clare - I’m trying to use the new patient flags service but receive a “MISCONFIGURED_APPLICATION” error. This happens when I attempt from Postman and use the "Try"method on the NHS API web page (Patient Flags Service - FHIR API - NHS England Digital).
Can this be corrected please?

Hello Simon. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will get this fixed and update you as soon as possible.