Python users accessing FHIR resources. What module do you use?

Hi all

I hve been using the Python fhir.resources module to manipulate FHIR resources in a dot notation.

It has fitted my needs so far, but I wondered if anyone uses anything else, that may be more formally supported.

Also I would appreciate it if anyone using it would be willing to make contact to share experiences. I have not found a huge amount of documentation for it …



Hi Jeremy. I’m just getting started with processing FHIR using python myself. Are you still using the FHIR.Resources module, or did you find something better?

Hi James,

yes I am still using fhir.resources and so far it seems to fit my needs. It would be good to share experiences with it: I have not found a comprehensive user guide so I’m occasionally going back to the github source to help find out how to do things. Maybe you could drop me an email?