PDS Search Parameter combinations

Does a list of search parameter combinations which are supported exist?

i.e. family + given + birthdate

We tried family + given and that came back with an error. So we can probably work it out but if an official list is available that would be useful

e.g. on this page Patient Index - HL7 UK - UK Core Access v0.1.0 the 2nd section lists

Conformance Parameters Example
SHOULD birthdate+family GET [base]/Patient?birthdate=[date]&family=[name]
SHOULD birthdate+name GET [base]/Patient?birthdate=[date]&name=[name]
SHOULD gender+family GET [base]/Patient?gender=[gender]&family=[name]
SHOULD gender+name GET [base]/Patient?gender=[gender]&name=[name]


I think Personal Demographics Service - FHIR API - NHS Digital may be of help. The minimum search parameters are listed under the “Non-fuzzy search” and “Fuzzy search” sections.

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