PDS FHIR API patient search not matching on all given names?


Trying to understand why patient search is not returning a patient response when we search on other given name in the int PDS data.

Expected result is

"familyName": "DOUBLE",
"givenName": "SPIKE GUY",
"gender": "male",
"birthDate": "1933-09-10",
"postcode": "KT10 0NW"

My expectation reading the docs is the given names offered in the search will be used to search all names in the PDS data however, I only get a match when I search either full name SPIKE GUY or SPIKE, which is effectively the same since we only search of the 3 first characters of the give name field.

Returns a match:

"givenName": "SPIKE GUY"

"givenName": "SPIKE"

No match from:

"givenName": "GUY"

Just trying to understand if this is the expectation or if the way we are building are search terms is incorrect?


Hi @patrick.hughes1

The demographics support team is actively investigating your issue and will update you soon.
Thanks for your patience.

Hi @patrick.hughes1, yes this is expected behaviour

Wild card searches assume that the query string is at the beginning of the field. So in this case “SPI” is the first three letters of “SPIKE GUY”. Searching given=GUY* will fail as “GUY” is part way through givenName.

We’ll update the documentation in the near future to make this a bit clearer.

Good morning @patrick.hughes1 ,
We have now amended our documentation so that the behaviour around searching on multiple given names is clearer.
Thank you for bringing it to our attention.