PDS FHIR - current backlog?

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We are looking at project plans to move to PDS FHIR at the moment, but we are wondering what the current backlog and average time to get through compliance is.

This sort of information would be really helpful to help us manage expectation internally as to timescales. I understand this assumes on our resource as well, but if we assume that we get you everything you need in a timely manner, and we allow for some back and forth, what could we likely expect.

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Hi Mark
Onboarding for PDS FHIR doesn’t have set timescales, but is generally set by your own resource. As a guide I would suggest you allow 3 to 4 months, some suppliers can do this quicker some take much longer, we generally do not have backlogs to getting your submissions assessed.

Once you have completed your development and have tested in INT, you need to submit your assurance questions via digital onboarding, paying particular attention to the to Risk and Hazard Logs that we have provided. You will be asked during assurance to demonstrate the risk mitigations you have made against the pre-populated list of risks. If you are unable to demonstrate this is where you could be held-up. We will also need to know that your own Clinical Safety Officer has signed off your own clinical safety case and Hazard Log.

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Thanks for your help Sarah

Hey @mark.tovey I wonder if you might contribute to this suggestion on our backlog?

Specific feedback really helps us drive our development and improvements!

Thank you

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