PDS FHIR API - Sensitive patients (Very Restricted option)

As per the latest PDS FHIR API specification, the ‘security’ field (for sensitive patient) not does not have an option ‘V – Very Restricted’.
(However, earlier we had seen the ‘V – Very Restricted’ as an option under the ‘security’ field in the PDS FHIR API specification)

Please let us know if the responses to ‘Get patient details’ or ‘Search for a patient’ PDS FHIR API’s will have ‘V’ (Very Restricted) as an option under ‘Security’ field.

The PDS FHIR webpages were originally incorrect - as PDS has no V-very restricted records. Sensitive patients will come through in FHIR as Restricted.

hope this clears things up but let us know if you need more information