PDS FHIR API - Public Key Misconfigured

Hi all,

We’re trying to integrate the PDS FHIR API into our application. It works great for the Integration test endpoint, but we’re having some difficulties when deploying to prod.

Specifically, we get the following:

          "error": "public_key error",
          "error_description": "The JWKS endpoint, for your client_assertion can't be reached",
          "message_id": "rrt-4745027357182055535-b-geu2-20324-110203-1"

According to the developer hub, our JWKS end-point (Self-hosted) is configured fine. It says “Your public key is valid”

However, the info here clearly states the error is related to a poorly configured public key.

Can you offer suggestions on where to go from here?

I’ve checked our JWKS end-point against the JWK standard and it looks fine.
I’ve also checked it against our public/private keypair and it looks fine.

I would be very grateful for direction from here.

Thank you

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