ODS ORD API data quality problem


I don’t seem to be getting the right response for a query on the API.


returns 404.

RQM25 is the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital Urgent Care Centre.

For reference I get the response I expect when I submit ODS codes for any of the other organizations in my data, e.g. R1H12 gives me the Royal London Hospital.

I would be grateful if anyone could shed light on whether this is an API issue or a me issue.


Hi @michael.cheetham

Thanks for your query, please see the response from the ODS team:

Thank you for contacting the ODS team.
The code RQM25 - URGENT CARE CENTRE is listed as an EPACT code. These are not included in the API. You can view our ORD Scope definition Organisation Data Service - data coverage - NHS Digital this will show what data is included in our API and other data sources.

Kind regards,

Thanks Ernest.

Could you clarify something for me. The RQM25 code came from an ECDS extract. I believe the field in question (Organisation Site Identifier of Treatment) should contain an organisation site identifier:

ORGANISATION SITE IDENTIFIER (datadictionary.nhs.uk)

Do you happen to know if this should/should not include epact codes?