ODS and Integrated Care Boards

Hi I am implementing a national epilepsy audit for children and am looking for a maintained list of hospitals (organisations) and hospital trusts (their parent organisations). I will use these to report my results at local, regional and national level. I am also looking to report at ICB level.

api.nhs.uk has the /service-search endpoint and then there is ods, both of which return lists of organisations. Neither seems to return ICB as part of the JSON though? Is there a maintained list of which hospital is in which ICB, that is versioned and searchable when boundaries change and so on?

Any pointers gratefully received

(linking into this GitHub issue on our repo in case anyone wants to follow or contribute to the conversation there.

Thank you

Hi Simon,

Thanks for getting in touch!
I’m looking into this.

Have you seen Upcoming code changes - NHS Digital which describes the Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) and how these new organisations are reflected in the ODS data?

Yes thank you Haroon - really grateful for you getting back. I have found that but it is all csv files.
Is it possible to get this through the api? It would be great to be able to map hospitals to ICBs and occasionally update my model through the /sync endpoint

Hi Simon,
I contacted the ODS support team who advised:
Thank you for contacting the ODS team.
We link all codes to ICBs geographically however this does not mean that the organisation is part of that ICB.
We do have a file ICB partner organisations located on our website Other NHS organisations - NHS Digital this provides a link between the organisations that are not in the ICBs geographical area but is working under the ICB.
This file cannot be replicated in the API.
Please can you provide further advice as to what they require the data for? I will then try and assist further.


This is great thank you Haroon

I have some national audit data on children’s epilepsy. I am looking to report it at different levels of abstraction:

  • local organisational

  • healthcare trust level

  • local authority level

  • ICB level

  • nhs region level

I have a list of hospitals and am looking to know which of these each one is in so that I can filter against the different codes and produce reports/maps of children’s epilepsy standards.

I have noticed though that some organisations may be part of more than one ICB for example though. Have I understood this correctly? Is there a single place I can find this, or do I have to piece it together from different sources.

Any guidance gratefully received


Hi Simon,

The team have responded:
Thank you for coming back to me.
Please can you advise what you mean by some GP Practices are in multiple ICBs? Is this in a certain file? I will then look into this further.

No worries Haroon I think I have found a solution. I don’t think GP practices can be in more than one ICB, but I understand that hospitals can be. I am interested in how hospital trusts fit into ICBs and if there is a list of which hospital is in which ICB. I think I might have found this though.

Awesome! Glad to hear you’ve found what you need.
Is there anything that you could share for others who may encounter a similar situation?

Thank you yes - I have found a list via a colleague at NHSE of all ICBs and which Hospital Trusts they map to. I am happy to post it but don’t think I can upload csv files here. It is publicly available data, just that I was not able to find it in the form I currently have it.

Do you have a link to where that data can be found?