New Service catalogue

New Service catalogue

As part of our mission to improve our online documentation, we have launched a new Service catalogue.

The new Service catalogue makes it easier to discover and find our digital services by providing tags, filters and an in-page search.

What has changed?

  • It replaces the ICS service catalogue we launched earlier this year and is hopefully easier to use.
  • The name has been updated (by removing the ‘ICS’ part) to reflect a broader audience, to include people working in other NHS organisations and in commercial software development.
  • We’ve also been working on improving the quality of information for each service. For example, we’ve added details of who the service is for, what data is available from the service, how it works, what the roadmap is and how to get access to it.
  • The new Service catalogue is still in development so it doesn’t include all of our services at the moment, but it does include the ones most visited. We’ll be working on adding and improving more service pages over the coming months. For now, the old services A-Z. is also still available.

We need your help

We need your input to help us improve the new Service catalogue.

Once you have had a look at it, please take 5 minutes to tell us what you think by completing our survey.

This will help us to better understand what our users need and shape the future of the service.

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