Is there a health check endpoint for PDS FHIR int?

were developing some health check within our application,
we noted that for sandbox pds fhir the endpoint /personal-demographics/FHIR/R4/_health resulted with a health check, for example:

    "status": "pass",
    "ping": "pong",
    "version": {
        "build_label": "192733-sha9d19610e",
        "apigee_base_uri": "",
        "version": "v1.2.2259-beta",
        "releaseId": "192737",
        "commitId": "9d19610e78f961afe699ecd9d099965992d11bed"

but seems like for integration environment were getting a 404 not found
with an html body:

<title>404: Not Found</title>
<body>404: Not Found</body>

is there a different endpoint for the health check in int?


There is not a /_health endpoint outside the sandbox.

You can however use the /_ping endpoint which doesn’t require any authorisation.

Eg curl ""