How do I connect to Health and Social Care Network (HSCN)?

While developing an application that is intended for use in production by users in NHS sites who will have an HSCN connection, but don’t have a connection, are there any suggestions on how to proceed?

Each user should be signposted to the detailed page on Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) particularly if the user is looking to have an HSCN connection

I would add that it depends whether you are integrating with APIs that require HSCN access. If you are, then you’ll likely need an HSCN connection to test your integration. If you are integrating with internet-facing APIs, it becomes more of a networking issue in the end user organisation. Organisations with HSCN should in theory have an internet bridge that should allow access to internet-facing APIs, but you never know what will be needed in terms of IP whitelisting etc.

See Network access for APIs - NHS Digital for more details.

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