How can we configure/test 404 INVALIDATED_RESOURCE response

We had the following question raised via email:
"We have implemented the technical conformance requirement, specifically PDS-FHIR-FLGINV-1 :

Does your product warn the end-user of an invalidated patient record?

In a user-interactive process, on receipt of an Invalid NHS number code from the PDS the local system must warn users accessing the patient’s record that the local record is wrongly identified.


404 INVALIDATED_RESOURCE Patient did exist for given NHS number, but has been invalidated and not superseded by another NHS number

QUESTION: How can we configure/test this scenario using your Integration environment? Can this be accomplished using Test Data Self Service Portal (TDSSP) ?"

The team have advised:

“Presuming that they are testing in the NHS England Test environment then they will have had test data set up, and there will be Invalidated records available. It’s part of the standard data.”
“The SMSP-PDS test data contains an NHS number that is invalidated in INT for this test:- 9449310378”

During the onboarding are we allowed to supply reasons why we can’t answer that question.

I don’t think it’s possible for us to have an invalid NHS number unless spine has an error, in which case we would raise a ticket with NHS Login, PDS or Spine/GP Supplier.

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Also note, that contrary to the docs at Personal Demographics Service - FHIR API - NHS Digital the intergration end point will return “404 Not Found” still.

The body will be

    "issue": [
            "code": "processing",
            "details": {
                "coding": [
                        "code": "INVALIDATED_RESOURCE",
                        "display": "Resource that has been marked as invalid was requested - invalid resources cannot be retrieved",
                        "system": "",
                        "version": "1"
            "severity": "error"
    "resourceType": "OperationOutcome"

so you have to spot that instead.