Get involved in the FHIR UK Core Technical Implementation Group

Following a proposal from the UK Core Development Team, prompted by consultation and feedback from the FHIR Community, the UK FHIR Board has agreed to the creation of an Implementation Group for the FHIR UK Core.

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who is currently implementing or looking to implement FHIR UK Core
  • Anyone who would like to contribute to the direction of FHIR development in the UK
  • If you are unsure if it is for you, please come along, we’re a friendly bunch!

What do we want from the people who participate?

  • Your participation will help define the role of this group and its objectives
  • Discussion and proposals around implementing FHIR UK Core
  • Making suggestions around what is needed to assist in implementing FHIR UK Core
  • Suggest the timing and format of these online meetings
  • Agree a common forum for informal FHIR UK Core discussions
  • We would like you to participate in early meetings to help define the terms of reference for this group

Why should you get involved?

  • Help contribute to the FHIR UK Core development
  • Provide feedback to FHIR UK Core governance bodies
  • Be able to share your implementation problems or solutions
  • Share what you are doing locally with FHIR


Please register your interest here