Formal change communication for the e-RS FHIR API - Format of the binary file ID

We are changing the way we represent the binary file ID for uploaded and maintained attachments in e-RS.

This new approach will create a more secure reference for the ID of clinical referral attachments. This change was previously communicated several times as part of the currently paused file attachments work in late 2022/ early 2023. No issues were raised as part of this engagement.

We are aiming to make this change on 11th June (subject to the release testing process). Partners should ensure the change to the binary file ID won’t be an issue for their software solution. Full details are explained on the website: Format of the binary file ID - NHS England Digital

If you do have any concerns about this change please contact us.

If you are already engaging with us about another matter, please do not chase in response to this communication, we will get back to you in due course.

Best Regards,
The e-RS FHIR API Partners Service