A020 - Upload file to document store: valid media types

A020 currently includes audio/basic (.au files) and audio/mpeg (.mp3 files) as valid media types: do we know if anyone is actively uploading files of these types in production?

It also includes MPEG Video (video/mpeg) - .mpg, .mpeg, .mpe: are files of this type actively being uploaded to attach to referrals in production eRS?

Also, xml files can be uploaded as attachments to eRS messages, but without knowing the application for these xml files, it is difficult to know how to render them in a readable format (other than to present them as raw xml with no style or formatting information). Do we know what applications these xml files originate from (e.g., FHIR QuestionnaireResponse, other NHS API, etc?)

Hi @djenki21 - Not very often. From some very old figures across 3 months, we had just one MPEG upload. No audio uploads.

At the moment we limit uploads to 5 MB but as we’re going to be opening that up to 100 MB we may see more activity in the audio and video space, as well as high-resolution image types like DICOM.

XML accounts for around 30% of file types in e-RS and I believe they’re predominently from the integrated GP systems.

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