API Search endpoint primaryroleid

If I follow the documentation correctly Search endpoint - NHS England Digital I should be able to use the parameter PrimaryRoleId?

If I use the query https://uat.directory.spineservices.nhs.uk/ORD/2-0-0/organisations?RelTypeId=RE3,RE4,RE5&TargetOrgId=15E&RelStatus=active&Limit=1000&PrimaryRoleId=RO272

I get an error 406.

If I remove that parameter I get a result instead of the error code.

Can anyone see what I’m doing wrong?


The PrimaryRoleId parameter can be used within the Search endpoint, but the Relationship search function is slightly different and has fewer parameters - role IDs cannot currently be applied to a relationship search. This is something we hope to address with the development of a new FHIR R4 API which is currently under development.

Thanks for your help.

Sorry I misread the documentation and didn’t realise the relationship search had a different set of parameters. My mistake.

No problem at all :slight_smile: