Access to Patient Demographics in a Development application

Hi there,

I have successfully tested Sandbox using Patient Demographics Application-level API, and now we want to test authentication using a Development application to the Patient Demographics Service application API, but I cannot see this in the list of APIs when I click Add API.

Do I need to do something else prior?


Hi @phil.glew

You can learn about the environments available to each API in the Environments and testing section of the spec.

For Personal Demographics Service (PDS), it is:

  • Sandbox
  • Integration
  • Production


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Hi @phil.glew ,

Assuming you are trying to add the API in your NHS developer account, there are 2 things to note:

  1. You need to create an “application” in the NHS developer account for the Integration test environment. (Your current “application” would have been created for the Sandbox environment.)
  2. When you click “Add APIs” to add an API to the “application”, search for “personal” (not “patient”) as the API is called “Personal Demographics Service”.


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