About the How to use the community category

Here’s a general overview of how the community works:

  1. To browse content and read posts users can access the Community from anywhere at any-time.
  2. User Registration: Users need to create an account to participate in a digital Community NHS Digital Developer Community. This involves providing information such as a username, password, job title, organisation and an email address.
  3. Categories and Threads: The Community is organised into different categories or sections based on Products and Services. Within each category, users can create and participate in discussion threads. Threads are individual discussions focused on specific subjects.
  4. Posting and Replies: Users can post messages or questions within a thread. These messages are commonly referred to as posts or comments. They can share their thoughts, seek advice, provide information, or ask questions. Other users can then respond to these posts with their own comments or replies, fostering a conversation.
  5. Moderation: The Digital Community has moderators who ensure that the community guidelines and rules are followed. They monitor discussions, remove inappropriate content, and resolve conflicts among users.
  6. Subscriptions and Notifications: Users can subscribe to specific threads, categories and tags to receive notifications when new posts or replies are made. This allows them to stay updated on topics of interest. We have our service teams who are subscribed to Categories to receive notification on queries that will need their expertise.
  7. Search and Filtering: The Digital Community provides search functionality, allowing users to find specific threads or posts. Filtering options are available to sort discussions based on criteria such as latest, unread and top.
  8. User Profiles and Private Messaging: Users have individual profiles where they can provide additional information about themselves. Our Community also offers private messaging features, allowing users to communicate with each other privately.
  9. Community Features: To foster engagement and interaction, the Community includes additional features such as likes, upvotes, share and save buttons. These features can help identify popular or valuable contributions and promote meaningful discussions.