A008 Specialty System in Sandbox

In the sandbox environment, the specialty system is currently listed as. “baseURL/STU3/CodeSystem/SPECIALTY”. Other URLs do not follow this format. For example, “FHIR Reference Server eRS Priority” I believe the specialty URL should be “FHIR Reference Server DCH Specialty” although I’m not certain.

Could someone please look into this and confirm, and perhaps update Sandbox with the corrected data?

Hi @awynn - Welcome to the community and thanks for reaching out.

I’ll let me colleague @adam.oldfield comment on the actual URLs of the items you mention in the spec.

In general, the specialties in e-RS are specific to our referrer use cases. Although most do align to a Treatment Function Code and providers do their own mapping, they are not universal across all systems.

This video explains a bit more:

Hi @awynn,

The e-RS Specialty code system is dynamic and not a fixed list. The specialty data must therefore be retrieved directly from the e-RS using A004 - Retrieve reference data endpoint.

The system value used when referencing the specialty in a Coding reflects this by using the URL of the A004 endpoint that would be used to retrieve the values. For example in the Integration environment this would be:

The _baseURL_ placeholders are present in the sandbox examples to demonstrate that this part of the system URI is dynamic based on the environment.

The sandbox environment is primarily for developer education as it is simply a stub and not a real e-RS system. The Integration test environment should be used for the majority of your integration effort.

There are details of the scope and limitations of each environment in the Environments and testing section.