What is the difference between e-RS and the normal booking referral API?


What is the difference between this service Booking and Referral - FHIR API - NHS Digital and the e-RS service?

Can they be used to achieve the same thing?


Hello zubairchowdhury12,

Here are the links to the Service and API catalogue pages for each the e-RS and BaRS, the descriptions provides some basic context to each service.

The NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS) provides an easy way for patients to choose their first hospital or clinic appointment with a specialist. Bookings can be made online, using the telephone, or directly in the GP surgery at the time of referral.

The Booking and Referral Standard (BaRS) is an interoperability standard that enables digital patient journeys or operational processes for patients, healthcare workers and carers. It enables relevant information to be shared quickly, safely and in a format that is useful. It will eventually be available in all care settings.

The Operations section will provide some richness into the specific capabilities of each API.

Hope this helps.