The Token is not yet valid

Following the tutorial for Application-restricted RESTful APIs - signed JWT authentication, the call to get the token is returning the following:

	"fault": {
		"faultstring": "The Token is not yet valid: policy(VerifyJWT.ClientCredentials)",
		"detail": {
			"errorcode": "steps.jwt.TokenNotYetValid"

My current setting are:

Have also tried with endpoint “

Turns out my system clock was a little ahead that of the clock, so the start datetime was after the time submitted.

Changed to take the code back by two minutes did a dirty fix to test

 JwtSecurityToken token = new JwtSecurityToken(
        new List<Claim>
                new("jti", Guid.NewGuid().ToString()),
                new(JwtClaimTypes.Subject, _clientId),
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Thank you for sharing the solution Peter, we appreciate the cooperation

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I have to say I think you are mistaken. This code is awful! You are obviously doing something wrong, a school boy error! Adding minutes onto a time is just wrong! Please understand the code and try again.

Thank you for your kind words Marcus. And for you constructive criticism.

As you noticed this is a copy of the code from the tutorial and my own inclusion of this being a “dirty fix” to identify the issue, then I am certain you will provide a full and perfect solution.

I await you code solution!

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