Search Service API for Accident and Emergency Services


I’m using the Search Service API (v1) to locate the nearest Accident and Emergency Services to a postcode.

This is a replica of the Find your nearest A&E service on the NHS website. This returns the age suitability for each A&E eg. “Open for people of all ages” or “Open for anyone 16 years or over” but I can’t see attribute being returned by the API. Is there any way of getting this from the API?

I also was hoping for some clarification on the “service level” for the API. It says here that:

This API is a bronze service, meaning it is operational and supported only during business hours (8am to 6pm), Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays.

Does operational mean that I can only make requests to this API between 8am to 6pm?

Thanks in advance! :bowing_woman: