OpenAPI Specification (OAS) docs for more APIs

I’ve just seen that you’ve added OAS docs for a whole bunch of APIs – thank you! I’ll be pushing for using more of the APIs here and expect that I’ll have more success now that creating clients is so much easier.

Do you know if there are any plans to increase the number of APIs that have OAS docs published? I’m particularly thinking of the two ODS APIs, but I’d be interested to know about any others where there are plans to add OAS docs.

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Hi Ayo,

Glad you’re finding our OAS docs useful :slight_smile:

We plan to have OAS docs available for all of our RESTful APIs - including the ODS APIs. This is an ongoing piece of work subject to prioritisation.

You might want to consider raising ODS docs in particular on our interactive product backlog - this informs the work we prioritise.

Hope that helps!