NHS App - Web Integration - OK to use React in a NHS App Web integration?

Hi there,

Hopefully this is an appropriate forum for this post (its not about APIs)

We are in the process of applying the NHS Design System to a section of our Patient Engagement Portal (PEP) that will be integrated with the NHS App as part of a Wayfinder programme project. We have used the NHS Design System components extensively on previous projects and this is not a question about the NHS Design System.

Generally, we have always used the Nunjucks/Template/Server Side Rendering approach by adapting/following the NHS App Prototype. The PEP we are adapting is built using the React framework and we are looking at building React components that use the NHS Design System css. React JavaScript code is typically written in multiple files and organised into components and these files are then bundled together using a bundler like Webpack. The bundle is then sent to the web browser. This works fine with the native browsers used across all types of devices. However, would a React app work within the NHS App’s tailored webview (which acts as a limited browser)?

We have looked here for guidance and have reviewed the sample application. The sample application seems to adopt the Server Side Rendering approach.

Hi Rob - We think this should be fine, the flows and things might need adjustment for nhs login integration, but in terms of it just sitting inside the app it’s fine.

Have you followed this process? - Integrate with the NHS App: step by step - NHS Digital - if so then the team should be able to help, if not then do it :slight_smile: